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My Journal (Ta Da)!

Jul. 28th, 2005 10:36 am Had a talk with Todd

So yesterday I opened up Square. For a little while, I thought I was the only one, cause the other two sups were late. I got there at like 8:45, and the other sups didn't show up until I started getting employees at 9:30. I was meant to take Square 1, but I took Square 2, since Jimmy said I would be the best to watch foul lines. Didn't matter, I think I kind of like Square 2. Square 1 is just too much of a pain to close (I can't tarp things is my life depended on it), and Square 3 is just too boring. For some reason, my employees caused me the most trouble. First I had to send Rob to get socks, I didn't think he was coming back he took so long. Then I had to send Bronson home for not shaving. He told me he wasn't coming back, and then started cursing, so I signed him out. Apparently he came back though, and told Matt he was going to punch him in the face on his last day or something. What a shame they didn't let him sign back in. After Rob went on break, he wouldn't go on stock for me and didn't want to talk on the mic either, so I signed him off too and he went home. Then I was talking to Rob's younger bro Phil (Rob's 15 and Phil is 14) he told me how mean Rob is too him even though he's always nice to him. Oh well, I think Phil is a fun kid. He's funny on the mic, and he made up a cool song. Then after I came back from break, I ran into Ken, who was not wearing wardrobe shorts. He got to slide since he was doing work, he just got banned to the back room so no one could see him. If he's wearing them again today, I'll have to send him home though.

Anyway, after the night shift supervisors came in, Jimmy said I could go to the office and do some training stuff. Patti's awsome cause she's letting me use her log-in. Well I'm making a new log for the checklists, since no one has put them into the computer since I left practically (Joe Davis added a couple). I'm starting from scratch and just checking each one. I've found some that aren't initaled, just checked (with doesn't pass, I'll be giving those back to them to fix) and I found a couple that skipped questions. Why is it that when people skip some, it's always the ones like, Do you understand what theft is? or Do you understand how the money system works? Very shaddy... Anyway, as I was doing it, Todd came in and I asked him for a word finally.

We went into his office, and I told him that I wasn't happy with how training was going. I did all this work in the begining of the year, and it all seems to be going out the window. Like I think the checklists are very important, but no one else thinks so. There are even a few people out in the park that didn't fill out checklists cause there was no copies made, and no one knew how to make more. Luckily, I did some copies GA style and made some more (I copied one that was already done, then whited out the answers and made copies from that one). Even still I made those in the begining of the year, so I know how to type up a copy to keep in the computer. I also had to make more copies of the manuels cause there was only like a few made. I asked him about when Sandy was coming back and if she was staying til the end. He said she was coming back Sunday but she wasn't staying til the end, so I asked him if I could be a trainer again, cause I love training. He said I was going to help her with training now, we're both going to do it together. (Yay!) Then he told me about his plans (probably won't really be put into effect til next year though). He wants the trainer to take over doing interviewing and hiring people in. It seems the games department has the most incomplete files out of the park, which isn't good. We've just happened to loose some people who were hired but just never worked. So next year, my job will most likely be hire/interviews in the morning (it'll all be at set times next year) A little break, Hire/interview in the afternoon, then do a training class. That's fine for me, I can do that. Todd asked me what I wanted him to do to make me get everything back on track. I told him the only thing I really need from him, is just for him to let me work extra hours to straighten everything up. He told me to work as many hours as I wanted. Then he said he heard there was an issue with my pay and that I was due for an increase. (I didn't know at the time, but Brendan had a talk with him about how I love training and how I wanted to get back into it, how all the work I did at the begining of the year didn't mean anything now, and he also mentioned how I was still at the lowest rate for a supervisor. Todd said he had been meaning to talk to me anyway, and he just hadn't had the time yet) I told Todd it wasn't something major or anything. He said the review sheets were being sent to him, and I was second on his list. (Way cool!) Then he just said feel free to talk to himself or Heitz whenever I needed or if I had anything to talk about training for. Then I just went back to work.

I typed up about 285 checklists or so, and then Brendan came to sign out. Since it was like 8:15 then, I decided to leave too. I might go in a little early today though, since I'm closing Square, and work in the office til 3 when I'm meant to come in to work for Square. Hopefully, If I do extra hours each day, I should have this sorted out soon. I'm all happy to be back in training though, even if it will be alot of work for right now.

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Jun. 26th, 2005 11:33 am

Ok, so yesterday was mine and Brendan's one year anniversary. It was really cool. I gave Brendan his presents when he got up, (he's just like a kid, he couldn't wait.) He got a chain he wanted and also a scrap book I made while I was in the states. He went off to the store then, to get what he needed to make dinner. So I got up and got dressed (got to show off a new shirt and my new nail polish) so I could surpise him when he got home. When he came home, I opened the door for him, and he gave me a really pretty flower. Then I got another present, a really nice bracelet. One more surprise-for dessert he got me a thing of Phish food ice cream (oh yea, favorite!) When he started making dinner, I wasn't aloud in the kitchen at all. When he finished, he called me down. It was so cool. He closed the blinds to make it as dark as he could, and lit a bunch of candled around the room. We had stake and french fries, with some pepper sauce that he made himself. After dinner, he cleaned everything up as well. Then we both got some ice cream and went into the living room to watch tv. We could make it really dark in there, and once again there were candles all over the place. It was really the coolest thing. We started to watch a movie too, but got a bit tired so we went upstairs to bed. It was really a perfect day.

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May. 28th, 2005 03:59 pm

Guess what? Poor Brendan won't be playing football for awhile. He twisted some ligiments in his foot so now no football. He actally did it at a football game, came home, went to bed, and then tried going to work the next day. He ended up getting to work and then going right to the Emergency Room because of it. So he's been off work since Wed, but he'll be back on Monday. He'll have to get a taxi to work on Monday though, since his moped is still at his job.

Well we went to the mall last night. Got a snack at KFC and then went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Then it was off to see House of Wax. Ok movie, just really bloody. On the walk back home, we saw this car burning in this open field. It was all black already, like it must have exploded already and it was just burning now. Bren was just like someone must have stolen the car, drove around for a bit, and then decided to get rid of it. He said the fire department might not even come to put it out, just let it burn. We just kept walking home then. It's like no big deal to anyone to see this car burning! How weird, if I saw a car burning by my house, I would so call the police to get them down there ASAP.

On other news, about us coming to the states: keep your fingers crossed. You never know, might have good news soon, but for now just keep your fingers crossed. Won't say anything more so I don't jinx it.

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May. 16th, 2005 05:32 pm

Wow, I haven't updated in a really long time once again. Well, i'm back in Ireland for all those who don't know. I'm having a great time, and really happy to be able to spend time with Brendan again. He and his mom got me from the airport and we were hanging out for the whole day. Even though Monday is one of his days to play football, he didn't go cause he wanted to spend time with me. His friend sent him a funny text saying that he was under the thumb already, but he didn't care.

This weekend that just passed was a lot of fun. Brendan wouldn't tell me where we were going, just that we were going for a ride. So we got on his cool moped and we were off. Turns out he was taking me for a cool trip up the mountains. It was kind of cold but it was really cool. We took some pretty cool pictures too. Eventually we turned around (didn't go all the way up to the top) and then stopped and got some lunch. Then we came the rest of the way home and just chilled for a bit. We didn't know what to do, but then he came up with another idea (once again, not telling me where we were going) and we went to play pool. I'm really bad at it, but it's a lot of fun. We played three games, but I did won one of them. Then we played some fun video games and headed home. On Sunday we just kind of chilled and relaxed at home. It was really nice. As for today, I spent a few hours at his sister's house (April's) and just played video games and watched tv. So now I'm home again, and just chillin as usual.

As for getting back to America, still not sure what's going on. Apparently the bill was passed, so now it's just waiting for the President to sign it and it'll all be taken care of. So hopefully soon, Brian will be able to work something out and give Brendan a hand in getting back over. As for right now though, I'm just enjoying my vacation.

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May. 5th, 2005 05:12 am

Wow, it's like 5:15 and I'm awake. Damn work! Oh well, as soon as my mom gets out of the shower then it's my turn to start getting ready for work. Working the office today and tomorrow, and then I'm all done with great adventure for awhile. Yup, my plane leaves on Sunday night and I'll be off to Ireland. Wow, I can't wait. It's gonna be so great so hang out with Brendan again. Hey, if anyone's interested, Saturday night I'm seeing who I can get together to go laser bowling. So far I've just got Laura, maybe Dave, and Casey to come. Probably going to hit Finagins (probably spelled that wronge), you know down Rt. 9 in Lakewood. I haven't been bowling in a long time, so I'm looking forward to it. Haven't been laser bowling in a REALLY long time, so it should be really fun. Anyone else want to come, drop me a line!

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Apr. 28th, 2005 07:02 am

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Apr. 20th, 2005 09:48 am Just had to...

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Apr. 13th, 2005 09:56 pm

OMG!!! The first thing that happened todday was really scary. First, me and Raschel got something to eat at BK. Then we went back to my car, and sat there for a few minutes, while I called Casey to see if he was going to come to the boardwalk with us. While I was on the phone, this car pulled up next to me, and a guy that works at BK walked up to it, and talked to the guy for a moment. Then the guy got out and walked inside I think. Anyway, I pulled out and was driving when I noticed a cop was behind me. Naturally I got a tiny bit nervous like I do anytime a cop is by me. So I made sure I came to a complete stop at the stop sign and everything. Then I just pulled out on the road, and the cop put on his lights and pulled me over!!!!! I was so scared. I've never been pulled over before. Raschel was laughing after it was all over cause I was shakin a bit when I handed him my linsecce and insurance stuff. He was really nice though, and he asked how long I've been driving and if I ever was pulled over before. I said no, and how I was really nervous right now and what did I do? He said he'd tell me in a minute, and then asked me to get out of the car cause he was standing in the road and he didn't want to get ran over. So I got out and he asked me if I had just met someone at BK. I said no, and told him how I was in the parking lot on my cell phone and someone who worked there pulled up next to me, but someone else who worked there came out for them, and that they weren't there for me. So he told me to stay put for a sec and he went back to the car and asked Raschel the same question. She said the same thing as I did. So then he came back to me and told me that he made a mistake and pulled over the wronge car. Apparently they've been having some trouble with the people who work at BK or something. So he gave me back my stuff and told me to have a good day. That was soooo scary!!!!!!!!!!

Ok the next thing that happened totally sucked. Me, Raschel, and Casey were at the boardwalk at point pleasant. I saw a crane machine with this extremely cute Husky dog that I really really really wanted. I just couldn't win it though! I tried a whole bunch and then even Casey tried for me too, but he couldn't win it. He said the dog was just too heavy, so everytime the crane picked it up, it dropped it again. It was soo cute though, and I really wanted it. That was the only thing at the boardwalk that I wanted and I couldn't get it. So not fair!!

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Apr. 11th, 2005 06:53 pm

Once again, haven't updated in a while. It's so odd. I used to update all the time, but I guess I just keep getting busy or whatever. Well, this weekend wasn't so bad. On Saturday, I worked from I think 12 to close in Movietown. Boy were things hetic tring to put my night shift on break. I got put in Fool the Guesser for like an hour before I got an employee from square. After that, everything calmed down though. Out of everywhere in Area one, I like Movietown the best. Well, on Sunday I was training. I like that a LOT better though. I love being the trainer, I think it's so much fun. Well, no one told me what I should be doing, and that's just fine with. I like being able to do my own thing. First, I went to the training room and cleaned up a bit. When I finished that, I was just in a good mood, so I decided to go to different race games, and just talk on the mic. It's good to show the employees how it's done, plus I just really like doing it. Then, me and Joe did the class. After that was done, I dropped off the checklists to the office, went to area one, gave Ashley some money for her honey buns (so she wouldn't have to go all the way to her car,) and then back to the office to take out volenteers. When I was done with that, I had to go to Area One, since Greg was a sup short. Poor Greg, he's broken! He's all limpin and stuff. It was pretty calm in the area by the time I took over, but it was cool. I had good volunteers, so closing was pretty smooth too.

OOOh, guess what? I got a compliment from Brian when I signed out. I went to his office to see if I was working the next day, and he told me how pleased he was with me. About how no one told me what to do, and I went straight to the training room and cleaned up, and then I went out to the areas and took the mic. He said that alot of sups don't know what to do with their downtime, but I do. He also said that I was going from a good supervisor to a great supervisor, and he was sorry that he was loosing me. Awww. I think that's sweet. I got to feel all special. I'm gonna miss working here, but I'll be back soon. On that subject, it won't be long now til I leave. It's so odd. Sometimes, I'm all nervous about leaving, and then other times, I just can't wait to be gone. It'll be sooo cool to see brendan again, and I can't wait for that!

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